What to Expect in Bond Street, London

Are you looking for a major shopping street in the West End of London, England? Then you are on the right platform. Bond Street is a significant shopping destination located in Westminster and runs between Oxford Street to the north and Piccadilly to the south. This street offers a variety of high-end luxury shopping experiences. Whether you’re looking for the most exclusive designer boutiques or prestigious jewellery stores, this is the place to visit. Continue reading as we explore what you should expect on this street.

What to Expect During Your Visit

You should expect to see the following things during your visit to this Street.

This street is divided into two sections- during your visit, it is worthwhile to note that the street is divided into two sections, Old-Bond Street and New-Bond Street, with the old street offering traditional luxury brands while New Street offers contemporary and high-end design.

A hub of high-end restaurants- this street is a popular destination for fine dining, with many high-end restaurants and cafes dotted along the street. As a visitor, you will enjoy various cuisines, from classic British fare to international cuisine.

Variety of galleries- Aside from shopping, you will see many art galleries along this street. The street is home to several auction houses; thus, be ready for a chance to view or participate in live auctions.

In conclusion, when you visit this street, expect a luxurious and sophisticated shopping experience with high-end fashion, jewellery, art offerings, and excellent dining options.


What’s so special about a hotel’s Lounge Bar

Why is it that so many high-end 4 and 5-star hotels spend as much time on the design, layout and décor of their lounge bar as they do on the comfort of their rooms and suites.

Although lounge style and décor can vary, the one thing they all have in common is a relaxing ambience. Often a large dark-wood bar, strategically placed, subdued lighting, muted background music and plush, comfortable seating with a well-stocked bar is the order of the day.

For the city weekenders, the lounge can be a place to start their evening entertainment with a couple of aperitifs before their evening meal. Or somewhere to meet friends or family before heading off for afternoon tea or a little sightseeing. Or somewhere to have that last evening drink before climbing the stairs to their room.

Modern businesses also make regular use of their chosen hotel’s lounge. Hotel rooms are booked for team-building exercises, and informal ‘get to know you’ meetings are held in the lounge. At the same time, business matters can be discussed and resolved in a pleasant, calm and relaxed setting.

For our high-flying business execs, a quick telephone call for a meet in the hotel’s lounge may be the last chance to wrap up an important business deal, before hailing a cab and heading to the airport.

The next time you’re on a weekender have a look around the lounge bar, there’s probably a lot more going on than you think.

Royal London Guide II

The Royal London is lined with iconic and historic monuments. Here is a guide on what is awaiting you on your visit. 

Kensington Palace gardens – the perfect escape from the hustles and bustles of London

The vast gardens were commissioned by Queen Mary but were later transformed by Queen Caroline in the 1700s into the intimate and tranquil grand park it is today. Initially, the gardens started as a playground for the king for over 100 years. It was after this transformation that landmarks such as the round pond, Broad Walk and the magnificent Serpentine boating lake were introduced. 

Cleave Court Jewellers – The Jewellers who made Meghan Markle’s diamond engagement ring

The Cleave is situated just around the corner from the Royal Palace. Cleave is a company of craftsmen who make perfect, beautiful and unique medals and decorations for various clients such as heads of states, military and civil institutions, and palace offices. The craftsmen use time-honoured techniques to produce some of the most unique and luxurious items in the world. 

Buckingham Palace – the largest royal palace

The largest royal palace has acted as the official London residence for sovereigns in the UK since 1837. The London home of the Queen is also where Prince Charles and Prince Andrew were born. It is also the centre stage where most national and royal celebrations take place. The palace also features iconic and beautifully decorated rooms which the royal family uses to entertain state guests and other dignitaries. Some of the other rooms which you can visit include the Grand Staircase, White Drawing Room and the Throne Room.

A short tourist guide to Jim Thompson’s House – Bangkok

Jim Thompson’s wonderful old house is a museum in Bangkok today. He was a famous American businessman living in Thailand involved in the Thai silk industry in the 1950s and 1960s. The beautiful 5-star Landmark Bangkok Hotel in Sukhumvit Road is the perfect place to stay while you explore this exciting city and it’s considered one of the best hotels in Downtown Bangkok for comfort and convenience.

You’re in the presence of beauty

Jim Thompson’s 19th century villa of 6 Teakwood homes is surrounded by trees – a cool oasis in a hot city. He was a keen collector of Asian art and a lover of Thai silk. His home is filled with collections of antiques and also more modern, western pieces.

As you gaze through the living room windows you get views of the Saen Saeb Canal. The place is lit by a Belgian chandelier, casting mysterious shadows on the Italian marble tiles and the wooden staircase. A sandstone Buddha image stands at the entrance to the kitchen, which still has Jim Thompson’s collection of Benjarong porcelainware.

Wandering through the home of Jim Thompson, you can’t help but notice his sophisticated style and taste and you notice one or two things such as the decorative window panels that face in instead of out. He adapted one or two things to suit his Western upbringing.

Go on a guided tour

To appreciate the home, it is best to go on a guided tour to benefit from detailed information, There is also a restaurant and souvenir shop inside where you can pick up beautiful silk items. This beautiful place is considered a must-see on a trip to Bangkok.

By Photograph by D Ramey Logan, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=28070439

By Photograph by D Ramey Logan, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=28070437

The origins and history of the continental breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When searching for hotel accommodation, you should probably look for the one offering a continental breakfast. The continental breakfast is light and modest unlike the American breakfast which has a lot of animal products.


 You are fond of using the words continental breakfast to place your breakfast order, but do you know what it means or where it originated? In most big hotels, you will find buffets where you are served with bread, hot drinks like tea, coffee chocolate, fruits, rolls, eggs, and tubers. This has been done since time immemorial.

1. Origin of continental breakfast.

The exact period when the term continental breakfast came to use is estimated to be in the mid 19th century. The Sanitarian states that the , was first used in 1896 with the European travellers who went to America and came back talking about the continental breakfast.

The term continental breakfast has a British origin, continental’ meaning continent of Europe and the light food they used to serve for breakfast

 Back then, it was mainly coffee and rolls. The Americans hotels made the effort to provide the European travellers with a lighter breakfast compared to the American breakfast.

The Europeans found the American breakfast, which contained too many animal products too heavy for a wake-up meal but rather preferred a much more modest meal.

 It mainly consisted of bread products and hot beverages. When you book accommodation at the Royal Lancaster London, you will get a chance to enjoy your power continental breakfast.

2. Developments of the continental breakfast.

As days went by, more improvements were made to the breakfast. Muffins, croissants, cereals, doughnuts, and pastries became part of the continental breakfast buffets. Butter, cream cheese, and jelly also became a necessary accompaniment.

Fruits and fruit juices became a necessary part of the continental breakfast. Coffee and tea also remained on the menu. Today if you visit modern restaurants and hotels like Hyde Park Dining, you will have a buffet at your exposure, so you chose what you prefer.

You will realise that most hotels that offer you continental breakfast will not charge you. They include it in the room and board bills. Its considered free breakfast, mostly because it is cheaper to prepare, and customers love it.


Continental breakfast highly depends on the hotel and the country. Every time you board a hotel, especially in a different country, consider trying their continental breakfast for a variety of tastes to compare.

4 things to do if you have an hour spare near Olympia London

Olympia London, an exhibition centre, conference centre and event space in West Kensington, is home to a range of international trade and consumer exhibitions, conferences and events.

Fresh coffee and croissants is a good idea at K West Hotel & Spa if people want to relish some stylish tea times. If they have an hour to spare near Olympia London after attending a conference or some other event at the huge exhibition centre, there are some surprisingly simple, yet immensely pleasurable things to do.

Peace and Quiet in Holland Park

Conference attendees can rid themselves of aching muscles and aches and pains from sitting too much and head to Holland Park. It is situated west of Kensington Gardens. It’s their chance to wander through beautiful, peaceful gardens. They’re delighted to come across birds and other wildlife quietly going their way and sometimes they even get there to find there are free outdoor shows happening.

A World of Choices at Carnival Store

Who doesn’t love a smitch of the weird and wacky, and the Carnival Store will provide anyone with an enthralling experience. While people browse, they may even want to pick up some funky ideas for their next party with the fascinating selection of off-the-rack costumes and accessories.

Wonderful Memorabilia at Churchill Arms

Another place for wonderful memorabilia is this famous pub on Kensington Church Street. Both inside and outside are of huge interest. Those wishing to, can even enjoy Thai food at this English pub and the beautiful flowers hanging outside have even won prizes at the Chelsea Flower Show.

General Places of Interest

Kensington High Street is a must-see for stylish shops and restaurants. Just behind Olympia London is another ‘green spot’, Brook Green where one can relax in the quietness. If its a vibey, buzzing atmosphere people are after, Portobello Market along Portobello Road is well worth a look for all sorts of interesting stores.

Travel Solutions

Hotel deals at K West Hotel & Spa will ensure those attending events at the Olympia always have awesome accommodation close to the event’s venue. They’re able to seriously lose themselves in the diversity of sights and happenings around the exhibition centre and always have a splendid place to return to.

What is a Thai Massage?

There are so many health benefits with a massage that it seems foolish to ignore them.

The benefit of heading to a spa is twofold. Enjoying a pampering session can be immensely therapeutic in itself, but the massage can rid you of a host of ailments too.

Thai Massage is as old as the hills, believed to have originated in India thousands of years ago. Today it is used with other traditional medicines.

Thai Massage – Pull and Stretches

A padded mat is used for Thai massage and it is performed while you are fully clothed. It’s somewhat more unusual than the regular forms of massage you might know.

Thai massage is more strenuous and pulling and stretching techniques are used to relieve stress and tension. Not only do Thai massage therapists use their hands for massage purposes, but their legs, feet and knees as well.

Because of the nature of Thai massage, there may be some discomfort at first, but the health benefits make it all worthwhile. The massage –

• Relieves back pain and headache

• Stimulates circulation

• Increases flexibility

• Calms the nervous system

• Gives you more energy

Of course, you don’t want to ever allow a non-licensed Thai massage therapist to work on you. It’s why the Lancaster Bangkok Hotel is such a splendid venue for Thai massage.

Viva Jiva Spa – only Licensed, Trained Therapists

At the Viva Jiva Spa, the highly trained massage therapists will provide you with a Thai massage as well as a host of other treatments to rejuvenate you. You’ll feel well and energised.

Everything Under one Roof – Most Relaxing

Getting married can be both joyful and stressful, and a Lancaster Bangkok wedding is the ultimate. For the wedding couple, there needn’t be a whole lot of darting around from one venue to the next. At this magnificent venue, you can get married in the beautiful 5-star interiors, have a bit of a honeymoon in it before you jet off elsewhere while making use of the hotel’s magnificent spa and other facilities.

Just being at this hotel for a few days is enough to breathe new life into anyone, and for your wedding day, that’s important.