The origins and history of the continental breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When searching for hotel accommodation, you should probably look for the one offering a continental breakfast. The continental breakfast is light and modest unlike the American breakfast which has a lot of animal products.


 You are fond of using the words continental breakfast to place your breakfast order, but do you know what it means or where it originated? In most big hotels, you will find buffets where you are served with bread, hot drinks like tea, coffee chocolate, fruits, rolls, eggs, and tubers. This has been done since time immemorial.

1. Origin of continental breakfast.

The exact period when the term continental breakfast came to use is estimated to be in the mid 19th century. The Sanitarian states that the , was first used in 1896 with the European travellers who went to America and came back talking about the continental breakfast.

The term continental breakfast has a British origin, continental’ meaning continent of Europe and the light food they used to serve for breakfast

 Back then, it was mainly coffee and rolls. The Americans hotels made the effort to provide the European travellers with a lighter breakfast compared to the American breakfast.

The Europeans found the American breakfast, which contained too many animal products too heavy for a wake-up meal but rather preferred a much more modest meal.

 It mainly consisted of bread products and hot beverages. When you book accommodation at the Royal Lancaster London, you will get a chance to enjoy your power continental breakfast.

2. Developments of the continental breakfast.

As days went by, more improvements were made to the breakfast. Muffins, croissants, cereals, doughnuts, and pastries became part of the continental breakfast buffets. Butter, cream cheese, and jelly also became a necessary accompaniment.

Fruits and fruit juices became a necessary part of the continental breakfast. Coffee and tea also remained on the menu. Today if you visit modern restaurants and hotels like Hyde Park Dining, you will have a buffet at your exposure, so you chose what you prefer.

You will realise that most hotels that offer you continental breakfast will not charge you. They include it in the room and board bills. Its considered free breakfast, mostly because it is cheaper to prepare, and customers love it.


Continental breakfast highly depends on the hotel and the country. Every time you board a hotel, especially in a different country, consider trying their continental breakfast for a variety of tastes to compare.


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