What’s so special about a hotel’s Lounge Bar

Why is it that so many high-end 4 and 5-star hotels spend as much time on the design, layout and décor of their lounge bar as they do on the comfort of their rooms and suites.

Although lounge style and décor can vary, the one thing they all have in common is a relaxing ambience. Often a large dark-wood bar, strategically placed, subdued lighting, muted background music and plush, comfortable seating with a well-stocked bar is the order of the day.

For the city weekenders, the lounge can be a place to start their evening entertainment with a couple of aperitifs before their evening meal. Or somewhere to meet friends or family before heading off for afternoon tea or a little sightseeing. Or somewhere to have that last evening drink before climbing the stairs to their room.

Modern businesses also make regular use of their chosen hotel’s lounge. Hotel rooms are booked for team-building exercises, and informal ‘get to know you’ meetings are held in the lounge. At the same time, business matters can be discussed and resolved in a pleasant, calm and relaxed setting.

For our high-flying business execs, a quick telephone call for a meet in the hotel’s lounge may be the last chance to wrap up an important business deal, before hailing a cab and heading to the airport.

The next time you’re on a weekender have a look around the lounge bar, there’s probably a lot more going on than you think.


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