Royal London Guide II

The Royal London is lined with iconic and historic monuments. Here is a guide on what is awaiting you on your visit. 

Kensington Palace gardens – the perfect escape from the hustles and bustles of London

The vast gardens were commissioned by Queen Mary but were later transformed by Queen Caroline in the 1700s into the intimate and tranquil grand park it is today. Initially, the gardens started as a playground for the king for over 100 years. It was after this transformation that landmarks such as the round pond, Broad Walk and the magnificent Serpentine boating lake were introduced. 

Cleave Court Jewellers – The Jewellers who made Meghan Markle’s diamond engagement ring

The Cleave is situated just around the corner from the Royal Palace. Cleave is a company of craftsmen who make perfect, beautiful and unique medals and decorations for various clients such as heads of states, military and civil institutions, and palace offices. The craftsmen use time-honoured techniques to produce some of the most unique and luxurious items in the world. 

Buckingham Palace – the largest royal palace

The largest royal palace has acted as the official London residence for sovereigns in the UK since 1837. The London home of the Queen is also where Prince Charles and Prince Andrew were born. It is also the centre stage where most national and royal celebrations take place. The palace also features iconic and beautifully decorated rooms which the royal family uses to entertain state guests and other dignitaries. Some of the other rooms which you can visit include the Grand Staircase, White Drawing Room and the Throne Room.


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