What is a Thai Massage?

There are so many health benefits with a massage that it seems foolish to ignore them.

The benefit of heading to a spa is twofold. Enjoying a pampering session can be immensely therapeutic in itself, but the massage can rid you of a host of ailments too.

Thai Massage is as old as the hills, believed to have originated in India thousands of years ago. Today it is used with other traditional medicines.

Thai Massage – Pull and Stretches

A padded mat is used for Thai massage and it is performed while you are fully clothed. It’s somewhat more unusual than the regular forms of massage you might know.

Thai massage is more strenuous and pulling and stretching techniques are used to relieve stress and tension. Not only do Thai massage therapists use their hands for massage purposes, but their legs, feet and knees as well.

Because of the nature of Thai massage, there may be some discomfort at first, but the health benefits make it all worthwhile. The massage –

• Relieves back pain and headache

• Stimulates circulation

• Increases flexibility

• Calms the nervous system

• Gives you more energy

Of course, you don’t want to ever allow a non-licensed Thai massage therapist to work on you. It’s why the Lancaster Bangkok Hotel is such a splendid venue for Thai massage.

Viva Jiva Spa – only Licensed, Trained Therapists

At the Viva Jiva Spa, the highly trained massage therapists will provide you with a Thai massage as well as a host of other treatments to rejuvenate you. You’ll feel well and energised.

Everything Under one Roof – Most Relaxing

Getting married can be both joyful and stressful, and a Lancaster Bangkok wedding is the ultimate. For the wedding couple, there needn’t be a whole lot of darting around from one venue to the next. At this magnificent venue, you can get married in the beautiful 5-star interiors, have a bit of a honeymoon in it before you jet off elsewhere while making use of the hotel’s magnificent spa and other facilities.

Just being at this hotel for a few days is enough to breathe new life into anyone, and for your wedding day, that’s important.


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